Build your own Bloomberg Launchpad

This short tutorial targets everyone who is either getting tired switching between numerous basic functions or would like to get an overview of various functions at the same time linked to a portfolio of tickers. I will explain how to create your launchpad and where you can find samples already done.

Build your launchpad

  • In your Bloomberg Terminal, type {BLP} and press Go. This window should appear:


  • To create a page (a view) with a lot of function inside, click on the little + button on the right.


  • Once you created your page you need to fill it. Let’s create a Security Monitor (a portfolio with all the tickets you want to watch). In the input “<Add>” type “Monitor” and select “My Security Monitor”.


  • Click on “Launch Monitor”. Your empty monitor will appear :


  • Double-click on the cell below the grey line in the column Ticker, and add some tickers (equities, bonds, commodities…).
  • Add a column: Right click on a column -> Insert Column -> Double-click on the new column to change the field.


  • Display settings: Right-click on a column -> Data Vizualisation.


  • A lot of settings are available in the monitor, set alerts, set display, set new columns and so on…
  • Add functions to your view: type some desired functions in the input “<Add>” (not all Bloomberg functions are available). Example: select “Company Monitor” and you will get:


Tip : You can find all the functions if you click on the button on the right of the input box:

function finder

Now we will link the Security Monitor to your set of functions so that when you select all the functions will display the results of this ticker.

  • On the top of your linkable functions, you will find a little chain, click on it and select Group A (you can create several groups for several monitors).
  • Then on the Security Monitor, click on “Link To” and “Component Group”:


  • Select the group A. Now if you click on a cell in the ticker column, the functions will update automatically within the next second.

At the end you should obtain something like this:


This is only a page, you can add as many pages as you want, one for each sector, one for each country, for each asset class…

Do not forget to click on Save View once you finish!


The lazier among us will prefer this part as you only have to choose a launchpad shared on Bloomberg. To get access to them, click on Views -> Sample Views in the little Launchpad Window.


Sample Views are often ordered by asset class, buy/sell side… You can also type keywords and see if one matches your requirements. Let’s see an example, this is an equity launchpad, you can notice all the pages (P&P, Int. Moves, Visual Mon…):


Launchpads are very practical and time-saving, they can really improve your efficience on Bloomberg.

Note that they are also available on Reuters as you can see:


I hope this article has been helpful!

Thank you!

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