Taken inside ESILV

ESILV – Paris La Défense

I am Alex Mouturat, a young student in financial engineering at ESILV from Paris. I started this website to share my two favorite fields: financial markets and programming. I developed this passion while learning the complexity of financial markets and their products, all mixed with programming. Sharing and teaching have always been things that give me back at least as much as I give, I think creating a blog is a good way to do it.
More information about my background here.


This website will host articles on a large range of topics related to financial markets and/or programming. I would be delighted to receive some feedback about these articles in order to enhance them and why not some suggestions. All the content on this website is my own work. Do not hesitate to share this blog if you have found helpful articles and if you want it to grow up!

Thank you!